Warehouse Storage in Otay

Warehouse storage in Otay is an integral part of a company’s supply chain. Controlling storage costs is important to keeping all costs low and earning a higher percentage of profit on gross revenue. Whether a company is buying or building their own warehouse space or renting space for their inventory, it is imperative that they find the right size, design, and location to fit their needs and budget.

Though price is important when renting, purchasing, or building warehouse space, taking the cheapest route is not always the best alternative. Price is only one factor when looking for warehouse storage in Otay. There are many other important factors when selecting the right warehouse storage facility.

It is important to have the right layout for your products. Having an ideal layout will create an efficient inventory flow and allow you to retrieve your goods quickly. Having a long narrow facility may be perfect for some companies, but may lead to inefficiency and delays for others.

The size of the facility is obviously one of the most important considerations. Buying, renting, or building a warehouse that is too large for your inventory demands means you wasted money on construction costs or the sale price, or you are currently wasting money on rent. To select the right size takes some effort and time to calculate the size of your inventory and determine any future expansion or needs you might have. Getting the right size warehouse storage in Otay may be the difference between loss or profit. It is also worth noting that cubic capacity counts when looking at size – it is not just length times width; the height needs to also be considered.

Another important consideration is truck access. If you have a high amount of truck traffic, it is wise to think about turning lanes, ease of delivery, and proximity to freeways. If you need to store trailers at times, there should be plenty of extra parking space for trailers.

Location is another consideration when considering warehouse storage in Otay. Freeway access was mentioned above and is one consideration when selecting a location. Proximity to ports is another factor. Of course, price is another consideration when looking at locations. Locations near freeways or ports will generally have higher rents or a greater purchase price. If you don’t need to be close to freeways or ports, it might be cost-effective to look at other locations.

Location,location, location – it’s the mantra is real estate and it also counts in warehouse selection and consideration. But, price does count and paying to much for your warehouse storage in Otay can affect your company’s bottom line. Take your time to select wisely and your company will be more profitable and successful.

Warehouse Storage in Otay