Warehouse Distribution in Otay

Warehouse distribution in Otay is all about speed in today’s highly competitive markets. Speed through the distribution center is essential for profitability. The digital age is fast and getting faster and companies need to keep pace. Warehouses are beginning to be called throughput centers – meaning the goods have to go through quickly and get put on the truck for delivery as fast as possible. In and out as quickly as possible means lower costs and higher profits.

In this fast-paced age, warehouses, or distribution centers, or throughput centers need to follow a few best practices to get things done correctly. Best practices may be different from one company to another – what is best for one may not necessarily be best for another. However, there are some universal best practices that should be employed in every warehouse. Without the implementation of the proper best practices, warehouse distribution in Otay may lag and adversely affect a company’s bottom line.

Warehouses should use Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN). When using ASN, suppliers will notify receivers of pending shipments. The notification will usually have a purchase order, a description of the product, and the expected arrival time. The ASN can be sent by fax or can be web-based; the notification will allow the warehouse to prepare for the arrival of the order. Knowing when an order will arrive allows warehouse supervisors to make space and organize labor to ensure fast unloading and warehouse placement. Knowing when a product will arrive also allows the warehouse supervisors to make arrangements for packaging and shipping, especially if there are rush orders waiting.

Implementing a vendor compliance program is another way to ensure that warehouse distribution in Otay is functioning as smoothly as possible. Vendor compliance goes along with shipment notification and is another safeguard in the inventory flow process. Vendor compliance will help ameliorate the process of receiving inventory, storing that inventory, and then making the inventory ready for shipment and delivery.

The use of automated data collection should also be employed, even for smaller companies or warehouses. The days of writing numbers on a pad are over. Using barcodes or radio frequency identification is now the norm and should be used by every warehouse. Inventory picks should be preplanned – task made easier with ASN. Warehouse distribution in Otay depends on updated data collection technology and organized and planned inventory picks for efficient work flow.

One more important best practice is to record every movement through the distribution center as a transaction. When a product enters or leaves the warehouse, it should be recorded. However, even movement within the warehouse or to another warehouse location should be properly recorded to insure the integrity of the inventory data. Companies involved with warehouse distribution in Otay that employ these best practices will ensure an efficient work flow and order fulfillment process.

Warehouse Distribution in Otay