US customs brokers in San Diego

US customs brokers in San Diego give valuable advice and provide essential services to all businesses importing goods across the border. Their advice – get help! Their service – make sure your shipments move seamlessly across the border and reach the specified destination on time. The myriad rules and regulations that involve the importation and exportation business are complex and Byzantine. No business can reasonably expect to navigate these treacherous waters on their own. One minor mistake could cost time and money and severely reduce the potential profit from a shipment of goods. That is why businesses need the advice and the help of a customs expert.

US customs brokers in San Diego can help businesses facilitate the shipment of goods across the border and deliver it to the correct location in a timely and efficient manner. Faster times and less mistakes equals more profit. What company doesn’t want more profit? Few businesses have the human or financial resources to keep pace with changing customs law and regulation. These rules can be a tangled web of regulations, tariffs, and procedures. If you receive shipments from and ship to several different countries, the task is even more complex. Using an expert in the field is good business strategy.

If the goods you are importing are valued at less than $2,000, then you can skip using US customs brokers in San Diego. Any goods valued at less than $2,000 can be imported under an “informal entry”, and the use of a broker is not necessary. However, if the value of the cargo is more than $2,000, formal entry is required and the use of an experienced and knowledgeable broker is the best choice.

If the cargo contains regulated items, even if the value is less than $2,000, then formal entry is required. Regulated items include drugs, biological products, and chemicals. There are other products that can be difficult to import and it is best to use a customs brokerage to get these items through customs quickly and without any issues. These items include live animal,s aerospace products, foods, combustibles, beverages, radioactive materials, and used merchandise. US customs brokers in San Diego are skilled in navigating the rules and regulations to get these types of items safely and quickly across the border and to the final destination.

There are some materials that are generally prohibited from entry. These items include food products from pest or disease-ridden areas, intellectual property, pornographic material, products derived from endangered species, and archeological and national treasures. Before your business even thinks about importing goods from another country, it is wise to know what types of products you will be importing, from what country they will be imported, and if they are restricted or prohibited. US customs brokers in San Diego will help accurately categorize your cargo and move it across the border and to its destination so you can concentrate on making more profit for your business.

US customs brokers in San Diego