Storage Space in San Diego

Storage space in San Diego can easily be found by looking online. But, how do you find the best deals? How do you make sure the space you get perfectly fits your needs? Here are five great tips to locating the best prices in town on storage.

Shop Around

Locating the best storage facility that best fits your needs can be difficult. There are several factors to consider, but the Internet makes research so much easier than it used to be before the digital age. From the Internet, create a list of places that have storage space in San Diego and then give them all a call. There also some questions to ask when you first make contact with a representative of a storage facility.

How much is a 10×10 unit or whatever size you think best for your needs?
Is the unit climate-controlled?
Are units inside or outside?
How many floors are there
Is it cheaper on the second or third floor?
Is there an elevator?

Find the Best Price
Looking online and in community papers for any posted discounts should help you narrow your search. It also helps to just ask – sometimes it is better in person than on the phone. In person, the facility manager will know you are serious about getting a place, plus they don’t want to see a potential customer walk away with signing on the dotted line. Even if a particular deal on storage space in San Diego has expired, it doesn’t hurt ask if they will honor it – sometimes student discounts are honored at the end of the school year, but they may extend the discount for potential customers who are serious about signing up.

Group Discounts and Referrals
If you are employee by a company that relies on product storage, such as a pharmaceutical rep who needs to storage samples, you may be able to organize a group of individuals who may want to share storage space in San Diego, or you can work out a deal with the storage facility to rent different units to several people at once. Referral bonus are another great way to get a discount on your storage space – refer someone and get money back or a free month.

Save Money Long-Term Contracts and Special Discounts
Most storage places primarily rent on a month-to-month basis, but many offer long-term contracts. If you know you will need the space for an extended period of time, ask about long-term discounts. Most places will be happy to have your business for an extended time at a lower price. Look for other types of discounts that may apply – student, military, or senior are common discounts. If you are looking for storage space in San Diego, take some time do do your due diligence to find the right facility for your needs at the best price.

Storage Space in San Diego