Storage Space in Otay Mesa

Storage space in Otay Mesa can be used by both business and individuals to store all their excess stuff, and Americans have plenty of excess stuff! According to the Self Storage Association, nearly 11 million households are renting a self-storage unit; a 65 percent increase from 10 years ago. Many business also use storage facilities to house excess product, inventory, or records as it is less expensive than renting or purchasing a larger office or workplace. Whether you need the extra room for your family or your business, taking some time and making an extra effort to find the right place at the right price is important. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for storage space in Otay Mesa.

Tip 1. Know approximately how much space you need before you go look at a place. Get the smallest place you can for your needs. You can fit way more than you think into a empty storage space – remember that it is three-dimensional, height, width, and length.

Tip 2. Determine the best type of facility for your needs. Do you need a drive-up option? Do you mind if the space is on the second or third floor? Knowing what you may or may not need will affect the price and the less conveniences you need, the less you may pay.

Tip 3. Does the location of the facility matter? Some storage places located further from the business district of on the edge of the population center may offer more space for less. If you don’t need to go visit your stuff often, places further away may be worth a look.

Tip 4. Shop around. Once you know the approximate size you need, the type of facility, and the location, you can shop for the best deal on storage space in Otay Mesa. Shop around by looking in community papers, visiting places, or looking online.

Tip 5. Think about extra you may not need. Do you need to be right next to the elevator? Do you need a climate controlled facility? Do you need to be on the ground floor? If you can live without these luxuries, you will get a better price.

Tip 6. When looking for storage space in Otay Mesa, make sure to look at their security system, they should have plenty of security cameras and follow basic security procedures both during business hours and after.

Tip 7. Long-term contracts save money. If you know that you’ll need storage for several months or longer, consider signing a long-term contract. The price is less if you commit to an extended time.

Tip 8. Any other discounts? Be sure to remember to inquire about discounts. Special rates for military, students, or seniors may be available. Keep in mind that companies offering storage space in Otay Mesa are in a competitive industry – they will do what they can to obtain your business.

Storage Space in Otay Mesa