Sea Shipping in San Diego

Sea Shipping in San Diego and the Southern California region is one of the most efficient methods of facilitating both national and international trade. With a more global economy, many companies are beginning to see the possibilities of trading outside their area. Looking to other regions and countries opens up new markets and increases the chance for company growth and prosperity.

When describing international trade that crosses the ocean, such as from California to Asia or New York to Europe, this is called deep sea shipping, intercontinental shipping, or ocean shipping. Many companies involved with sea shipping in San Diego may be trading with Asia and concerned with long distant routes across the Pacific Ocean.

The terms short sea shipping, motorways of the sea, and marine highway generally refer to coastal trading or trade through rivers and inland waterways. These terms apply to the movement of cargo by sea that does not cross an ocean. Short sea shipping is more of a European term, while marine highway is more American. Some southern California companies may be using trading routes that involve the marine highway by only trading along the Pacific coast. For example, a company using sea shipping in San Diego may be using the marine highway to trade with San Francisco, or Seattle, or Cabo San Lucas, Mexico as this does not involve crossing an ocean.

Vessels that travel across oceans are generally large and have room to carry substantial quantities of goods. For example, cars manufactured in Japan or South Korea are loaded in storage containers and shipped across the ocean to Los Angeles or San Francisco or San Diego in large vessels capable of carrying a large number of vehicles.

Many short sea vessels are small enough to navigate rivers, bays and inland waterways. These boats would be able to take both dry and wet goods from San Diego to Seattle, and may also be able to go in to San Francisco Bat and up the Columbia River in Oregon. A local company which sells goods to various regions along the west coast may consider short sea shipping in San Diego to get their goods to many different markets in the west. Due to the lack of rivers and navigable rivers along the west coast, most trade is done by air, truck, or boat and then truck. In Europe, short sea shipping vessels navigate the many rivers and inland waterways to bring cargo from one country to another.

Whether your company trades internationally or just within the United States, it is likely that shipping by boat is one the possible modes of transportation. If your company has not considered it yet, it is advisable to look in to sea shipping in San Diego to take advantage of a reliable and low cost means of shipping cargo.

Sea Shipping in San Diego