Order Fulfillment in Otay

Order fulfillment in Otay is a vital process within the supply chain and has several key steps which contribute to the economical, efficient, and productive flow of inventory. These important steps include:

1. The manufacture of a product. Though this is not often thought of as part of the order fulfillment process, there can be no product orders without products. This is the absolute beginning of every product order.

2. The purchase of products to stock inventory. Once a product is manufactured, it can then be purchased by a company for resale, either to hold as inventory, or to directly ship to a customer.

3. Product inquiry. When a potential customer call to ask about a product, or when one looks through a catalog and asks for more information, or when someone visits the company website the peruse the available products, they are making a product inquiry.

4. Sales quote. Every product has a price and the customer needs to know the price of a requested product before they can make a purchase decision.

5. Order confirmation and brokering. For many people, order fulfillment in Otay starts here. This is the actual placing of an order with the type of product and various shipping options. Also will include a return confirmation that the order has been placed, received, is being processed.

6. Invoice/Billing. Once an order has been placed, the customer is presented an invoice to the customer. This can be when the customer receives the product, such as at a retail store. Or can be immediately subsequent to placing an order, but before receiving the product, such as in a website transaction.

7. Order processing. Order fulfillment in Otay at the warehouse begins with this step. This is when the warehouse or distribution center picks the product out of inventory, packs the product according to specifications, and sends out the order to be shipped to the customer. Inventory control software is used at this point to record the sale and the depletion of inventory.

8. Shipment. This is the step where the actual transportation of the goods take place. Specific methods and modes of transportation are selected, the costs are calculated, and carriers are chosen to deliver the products to the specified address of the customer.

9. Delivery. When the truck driver of delivery person drops the package off on someone’s doorstep or hand delivers it with a signature, the product is considered to be delivered. To some people, this would seem like the final step in the process of order fulfillment in Otay, however there are two more additional, and vital steps in the process.

10. Settlement. When payment from the customer is received, verified, and recorded, the sale is considered settled.

11. Returns. The final step in the process. If there is no return, or if there is satisfaction of a return, either through monies returned, or a replacement product, order fulfillment in Otay is complete.

Order Fulfillment in Otay