International Shipping in Otay Mesa

International shipping in Otay Mesa is an important component of many businesses. Large companies have expanded in to the global marketplace to find new customers and new revenue streams.

However, international shipping is more complex than merely shipping within the United States, and it is advisable to partner with a company knowledgeable in global shipping.

There are some critical differences between shipping nationally and internationally. One of the most important considerations is the packaging and labeling information. If you are shipping documents, there is not much difference between shipping across the country or across the world.

You may have to include a brief description of what is inside, but the procedure is basically the same. Companies specializing in international shipping in Otay Mesa will be knowledgeable and experience with these types of shipments.
If you are shipping a product or a commodity, there are some differences because your will be dealing with customs procedures and officials.

You will need to describe what is inside the package,a and the minimum amount of information has increased in recent years as customs rules have gotten tougher.

Package description will need to include the quantity and the unit of measure. The unit of measure is merely how the product is quantified- pieces, feet, barrels, etc. There should also be a value placed on the product; this is the declared value of the goods and may or may not match up with the selling or purchase price.

Companies specializing in international shipping in Otay Mesa will have the experience and knowledge to determine proper declared value of many different types of goods. Product weight and product description also needs to be included. The description does not have to be very detailed; for example, if you are shipping screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers, they could all be described as tools.

One piece of information required by Customs officials that can be difficult to determine is the Harmonized or Tariff Code classification. Companies which often ship goods through customs should use a customs broker because customs rules and regulations can be complicated and it is difficult for companies to classify all their goods. Companies specializing in international shipping in Otay Mesa will understand the Tariff Code and all the rules and regulations associated with United States and foreign customs.

Shippers will also have to include the country or origin or manufacture. This is not as easy as it sounds, as many products are made from several pieces which may be made in different countries – automobiles are one product in which parts can have different origins.

Shippers also need to declare who bears the responsibility for paying the duties and taxes in the destination country. Companies which work on a daily basis with international shipping in Otay Mesa may find all this information routine, but if you are not accustomed to dealing with international trade, following all the requirements can be a daunting task.

International Shipping in Otay Mesa