International Cargo in San Diego

International cargo in San Diego can be shipped in several different ways. There are many reasons for selecting one mode of transportation over another, including speed, cost, and variables specific to the type of cargo. Each company must make an informed decision when selecting a shipping company, and then both entities must make the best decision on how to ship the goods. Choosing wisely can mean less cost, faster delivery, and less damaged goods, which adds up to more happy customers and greater profits. Selecting the wrong method may mean slower delivery, more costs, and more damaged goods, which will most likely mean more unsatisfied customers and less revenue for your company.

The three principle ways that international cargo in San Diego can be shipped to its destination is by water, air, and land.


Many different types of cargo are shipped by water. Maritime cargo includes automobiles, parts, toys, clothes, and more. Cargo shipped by water can be for either national or international trade. Many companies ship via coast routes or rivers to other regions within their country, while others involved with international trade ship via long distance ocean routes. Shipping by water is generally less costly than shipping by air, while the speed of air shipments is generally faster than by boat. Reliability is sometimes a factor with maritime shipping; if a company gets off schedule or if there is sever weather causing delays, it sometimes takes several days to get back on schedule. If there is a margin for error with a shipment, boat may be the best bet for international cargo in San Diego.


As mentioned above, air is the fastest method as many shipments arrive in a day or two. However, as would be imagined, there are many limitations with air travel, many items, such as automobiles, cannot be shipped by air. If you have large, heavy products you need shipped, air is not a consideration. Air can also be the most costly mode of transportation, but if speed is the most important factor, and your items are small, air should be your first choice.


Shipping international cargo in San Diego by land can either mean truck or train. Trains are capable of transporting large amounts of containers from a port to various destinations across the country. The principle disadvantage of shipping by train is the lack of flexibility. Though trains have lost business to trucks over the years, many governments are beginning to push for more train shipments due to environmental concerns. Road shipments can handle all type of cargo from big to small. Most people know about the parcel delivery services – they transport by road because of its flexibility, though a high percentage of those parcels are first shipped by air.

When shipping international cargo in San Diego, the choice of transportation mode can make or break a company. Choose wisely and your company should grow and prosper.

International Cargo in San Diego