International Cargo in Otay Mesa

International cargo in Otay Mesa can involve shipping to many different parts of the world. International trade is a complicated endeavor and it is wise to use the services of a freight forwarder. Freight forwarders are companies that specialize in the moving, or forwarding of goods from one location to another. Some only specialize in domestic trade while other specialize in shipping goods internationally.

There are thousands of freight companies in the world and they utilize different shipping methods and modes of transportation. They can facilitate movement of cargo by rail, road, sea, or air. Many freight forwarders offer multi-mode solutions to a company’s shipping needs. The choice of which mode or modes depends on the types of goods being shipped and the needs of their clients. Companies shipping international cargo in Otay Mesa need to find a reputable freight forwarder with which to form a partnership and then work together to make wise decisions on carriers and modes of transportation.

There are three factors to consider when evaluating shipping methods – cost, time, and product characteristics. If shipping internationally, the choice is generally between air or sea. Shipping by boat is less expensive while shipping by air is faster. Also, if you are shipping heavy objects, air will not be a consideration and the products will have to go by sea. The cost and time for multi-mode shipments, such as air and then rail, or boat and then truck also needs to be evaluated. Not only does the international cargo in Otay Mesa need to get across an ocean, it also needs to get to its final destination, which is often in a different location than the international port.

Freight forwarders are federally regulated, insured, and bonded. They usually have a vast network of relationships with carriers and shipping companies which will expedite the shipment and delivery of your products. Experienced freight brokers also have experience with the various customs officials in different countries. Understanding customs in one country is difficult enough, knowing all the rules regulations, and proper procedures in a host foreign countries can only be left to experience freight and customs brokers. When having a company competing in a global market and shipping international cargo in Otay Mesa, the last thing you need to worry about is getting your cargo through customs.

Taking some time to find the right freight forwarder for your company is time well spent. It is a critical decision for your company and the right selection can mean faster shipments, more satisfied customers, less cost, and fewer hassles. Having a freight forwarder as a partner in trade, can help expedite the shipping of international cargo in Otay Mesa and also boost your bottom line!

International Cargo in Otay Mesa