Import Brokers in San Diego

Import brokers in San Diego are a virtual necessity for any business bringing goods in from across the United States/Mexico border, or from any other country. There is no legal requirement or law that requires a business to hire a customs broker, but most business use one for convenience. Import and customs brokers are licensed and regulated by the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

An importer is ultimately responsible for fulfilling all customs requirements and complying with all federal import regulations, but using the services of a customs broker. However, import brokers in San Diego are knowledgeable and experienced with all customs and import matters and can help your business navigate the murky waters of customs and save you from making costly mistakes.

Before you decide to hire a broker, there a few important questions to ask:

Does your brokerage have a specific area of expertise?

Does your company have experience with the type of goods my company imports?

Can I see copies of your insurance and bonds?

How long have you been in business?

Do you have experience with other foreign customs?

If you make errors in calculating duties, what is the recovery procedure and what are my obligations?

Do you provide detailed reports on duties, taxes, and your costs?

What organizations are you affiliated with?

When you are searching for import brokers in San Diego, these are all essential inquires to make. There are many other specific questions that may need to be asked, depending on the type of goods you import, the volume of business you do, and the countries from which you export. Do no be afraid to ask questions.

Do you think that you could get by without using a customs broker? Well, think again. Unless, you are receiving something through the mail, or it is a one-time shipment for little value, it is most likely a necessity to use a broker. There are hundreds of laws and regulations that customs officials implement and enforce, and it is nearly impossible for an importer to remain knowledgeable on all these ever-changing laws. It is the business of import brokers in San Diego to know and understand these rules.

Customs brokers play an essential role in the movement of cargo across the border by facilitating entry and clearing goods through customs. The United States Commissioner of Customs said during congressional hearings, “…the customs broker…will be needed as long as there are legal requirements and regulations pertaining to the movement of merchandise into the United States.” If you are a company importing goods into the country, one of the most important business decisions you can make is to seek out the services of import brokers in San Diego to help facilitate the entry of your shipments into the United States.

Import Brokers in San Diego