Import Brokers in Otay

Import brokers in Otay provide a valuable and essential service for companies that import goods into the United States. If you have a business which imports goods, you need to use a customs broker. Though it is not a legal requirement, the services of a broker are a necessity when considering the complexity of the laws governing the importation of goods. It is definitely not illegal to be your own customs broker for your own products, but is is certainly not advisable.

The complexity of clearing goods through customs is evident when you consider that there are hundreds of laws, thousands of tariff items, and over 500 pages of customs regulations. It is highly unlikely that a business owner who must spent much of the day marketing, promoting, dealing with clients, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business, can allot much time to learning these regulations and then employing the proper customs procedures.

Knowledgeable and experienced import brokers in Otay are well-versed in these complicated rules and regulations. They understand how to properly classify goods, determine dutiable value, and recognize which goods are subject to quotas or restrictions. Import brokers know all the rules governing the importation of goods across the United States and Mexico border.

Brokers are also able to help their client select the modes of transportation and particular carriers that are appropriate for their goods. They can assist importers in finding and choosing the best routes for their cargo due to established relationships with reputable and efficient shipping companies. They can also properly calculate all costs, duties, taxes, shipping fees, and insurance costs. Filing all the proper documentation is another service provided by import brokers in Otay.

Customs brokers not only deal with customs and all its rules and regulations, they must also work with and develop relationships with officials in a variety of different government agencies. There are more than 40 government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which also oversee the importation of specific products. Import brokers in Otay have extensive knowledge of these agencies and have established relationships with agency officials.

If there are any problems involved with the entry of goods, the calculation of duties, the classification of goods, or the clearance of goods through customs, the ultimate responsibility is borne by the importer, but the broker is also responsible to their clients. All reputable brokers will stand behind their services and work honestly and ethically with their clients. Import brokers in Otay work in a highly competitive and specialized market; they want to earn your business by ensuring the success of your company.

Import Brokers in Otay