Freight Container in San Diego

Freight container in San Diego is a cargo container that is either stored or shipped. It can be stored in a warehouse or any other type of facility. Containers can be shipped by any mode of transportation, including rail, ship, or truck. However, what happens to that container after it has been shipped to its destination and unloaded? Does it get filled with a new batch of goods and shipped back? Or, does it sit on a dock somewhere for days, weeks, or months? Many of the goods shipped in a freight container in San Diego have arrived from overseas points of origin, including Asia and South America.

Freight containers shipped to the United States are often left on docks for longer periods of time. If there are no goods going back to the same area from which they came, the containers sit and wait. The abundance of these containers was created in the past decade or two mostly because of the trade deficit between Asia and the United States – more manufactured goods go from Asia to the United States than from the United States to Asia.

This deficit has caused people to look at ways to use these empty storage units. It is cheaper to buy new containers from Asia or other locations than it is to ship empty containers back to their country of origin. So, what to do with these empty storage containers taking up valuable space without having any useful purpose?

A few creative and enterprising individuals and companies are taking these empty containers and turning them in to something useful – homes, apartments, offices, dormitories, studios, or emergency shelters. There are many advantages to using a freight container in San Diego as an architectural model. They are strong, durable, inexpensive, and of course, available.

In 1987, Phillip C. Clark filed for a United States patent: “Method for converting one or more steel shipping containers into a habitable building at a building site and the product thereof.” The patent was granted two years later in 1989 and appeared to lay a foundation for future shipping container architectural concepts and ideas. Because of innovative thinking, a freight container ins San Diego could become a home or a homeless shelter, or most any type of building.

In 2006, the first shipping container two-story home was designed in Southern California. One of the more amazing projects involving shipping containers is the shipping container store called Puma City Twenty-four containers are put together to create a three-story retail store, bar, and event space, and it can be transported to different locations by taking it apart and then quickly putting it back together. The possibilities are endless; if you walk past a freight container in San Diego, try imaging what you could build with it and see how far your imagination can take you.

Freight Container in San Diego