Customs House Broker in Otay

Customs house broker in Otay are experts in the importation of goods into the United States. If you have a company that brings purchased on manufactured goods into the county, it is essential that you partner with a good broker. No one can possibly understand the myriad rules and regulations associated with importation and still manage the other aspects of a company – sales, marketing, promotion, accounting, administration, and HR. To get your merchandise cleared in a timely and efficient manner, find a customs brokerage you can trust and rely on them do manage that portion of your business.

To get your cargo cleared, a customs house broker in Otay needs a few items. The rely on correct information from you to accurately satisfy government requirements. The more efficient your company is at providing them with details and information, the better a brokerage can do its job.

1. Commercial invoice. This document describes the product, the terms of sale, the purchase price, and the origin port. If the products arrive from a port outside the country in which the products were purchased, the actual origin country of the products should also be stated. Include as much information as possible. A customs house broker in Otay needs as much information as they can to get the right, and possibly lower, classification for your goods.

2. Bill of lading. This is the document that covers the movement from origin to the port of entry. It may also be called an air waybill.

3. Country of origin marking. This does not necessarily mean where the products were purchased. Only a knowledgeable broker can determine the proper origin of cargo. Not including the origin, or having it marked incorrectly, is one of the most common problems causing delays with customs.

4. Other US government agencies. Some products are regulated by other government agencies and are subject to approval by these agencies before they can clear customs. The Department of Transportation, the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Agriculture are a few of the other agencies that regulate specific products. A good customs house broker in Otay will know what agencies relate to what products, and will be able to coordinate entry with these other regulatory bodies.

5. Your cooperation and communication. Brokers will operate faster if they have good lines of communication to your company. If you run a large business, it is imperative to have someone act as a liaison with the broker. It is essential that you work closely with a custom house broker in Otay to supply information, pay duties in a timely manner, and provide them with honest information. Your broker cannot do their job correctly without cooperation and communication.

Customs House Broker in Otay