Customs Freight Brokers in San Diego

Customs freight brokers in San Diego match their clients with shippers, delivery companies, and other logistics firms – they match cargo with carriers. One of the main components of their business is to match manufacturers and shippers with reputable and reliable transportation companies. They also help to arrange, schedule, and coordinate all the shipping needs for their clients. They are also able to handle all customs needs for their clients.

All experienced cargo brokers have solid relationships with independent truckers or trucking companies. They have built these relationships through extended trial and error and only maintain relationships with reputable shipping companies. They can coordinate shipping and delivery much faster than most businesses due to experience, knowledge, and mutually beneficial relationships. Customs freight brokers in San Diego can also match up the best carrier for each client. Some clients have products that require special handling; cargo brokers know the right shippers for each type of product.

Because the clearing of customs is a complex process that is subject to hundreds of rules, regulations, and tariffs, it can be virtually impossible to import products without using an experienced broker. Customs brokers can expedite customs clearance on all relevant matters because of their knowledge and experience. They are able to classify products according to the tariff schedule, properly calculate duty and tariff payments, meet in a timely fashion with officials in various agencies, and file all documentation required to move goods safely and quickly across the border. Customs freight brokers in San Diego are a virtual one-stop shop for all local customs needs.

Brokers act as intermediaries between shipping companies and manufacturers or sellers for any type of cargo that is shipped by land, sea, and air. Some brokers are individuals who work independently while other brokers work as part of a large customs brokerage. Some brokers specialize in specific types of products, such as gemstones, bank notes, electronics, or perishables. Most customs freight brokers in San Diego maintain positive relationships with customs agents and local officials, and some of the larger brokerages have relationships with customs agents in many or all of the nearly 330 ports of entry in the United States.

Though it takes some due diligence, research, and homework to find the right broker, it is worth it to find one knowledgeable in your products. The best way to find brokers is to inquire with other manufacturer or importers to find out who they recommend. It is also beneficial to do an online search for any broker you are considering to find any positive or negative items. All brokers must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA); it is wise to verify their licensing information and to ask for the specifics of their insurance coverage. Customs freight brokers in San Diego are a valuable partner in any business that moves good across the border.

Customs Freight Brokers in San Diego