Customs Duty in Otay

Customs duty in Otay needs to be determined on imported goods. If you import goods in to the United States, you will need to deal with the confusing and complicated world of customs. A customs duty is a tax levied on imported goods, and sometimes on exports. It is levied by each country in which goods are imported. It is designed to raise revenue for a nation and to protect domestic companies from predatory competitors from other countries.

Customs duty in Otay is usually based on the value of the imported goods, or may be based on the size, weight, dimensions, or other criteria. The various duty rates for goods imported in to the United States are listed in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), which is a book the size of an unabridged dictionary you would find in a library. This giant book has thousands of entries and is not easy to understand. The determination of a duty, if any, is based on the classification under the HTS.

Because this book is so large and the determination of duty rates so complicated, is it usually better to procure the services of a customs broker to help determine duty amounts and rates, and to facilitate the movement of goods through customs. Customs duty in Otay can best be determined by brokers because they have extensive training, knowledge, and experience in dealing with everything concerning customs.

Different goods have different rates and it is beneficial to get the correct rate. You certainly don’t want to pay a higher rate than needed. Likewise, you do not want to pay a rate that is too low because you will eventually have to pay the correct rate. The United States Customs and Border Protection will make the final determination of rates and it is better if you get the rate correctly the first time to avoid any hassles or delays in moving your goods across the border.

Many goods will be exempt from customs duty in Otay; one classification that is exempt is goods made in the United States that are returning to the country. For example, containers that were used to ship goods to another country were purchased by you and are being returned to the US – these would not have a duty. However, if any value has been added, then a duty may be imposed. For example, sending silver to another country to have it made in to jewelry will result in a duty when it is returned to the United States.

Determining duty rates is extremely difficult and confusing. Most importers use the services of a custom’s broker to help determine rates and move goods across the border. Having an experienced broker help you with customs duty in Otay will make sure everything is done according to law and expedite the delivery of your goods.

Customs Duty in Otay