Customs Clearance Process in San Diego

Customs clearance process in San Diego is similar to that used in the over 300 ports of entry in the United States. The process demands a list of specific documents that are required to be submitted by the importing company. Gathering these documents takes time; it can be an arduous and complex process that is made simpler when using the services of a customs clearance broker.

The first essential document is the Bill of Entry, which serves at the cargo declaration. This starts the process, which all goods imported into the United States must undergo, called entry. During entry, specific goods are deemed to be legal or illegal for purposes of importation into the US. One of the main goals of customs is to keep items out that may be harmful to Americans. Illegal items include obvious cargo, such as terrorists, illegal drugs, and weapons. However, it also includes less obvious items, such as agricultural products, intellectual property, artifacts, illegal souvenirs, counterfeit items, and even certain toys that have been banned in the country. If all items in a shipment are deemed legal, the customs clearance process in San Diego will continue.

Goods then go through the duty determination process, which is a two-step procedure designed to classify and value imported goods. Once the goods have been properly classified and accurately appraised, the proper duty can be assessed. The Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) provides duty rates for virtually every item that can be imported into the United States. Even a article of clothing can have many different classifications depending on the material it is made of, its specific design, and its country of origin.

The customs clearance process in San Diego is made easier by using an experienced and knowledgeable customs broker. This broker has the knowledge of the tariff schedule to help clients calculate duties so there are no surprises at the port of entry. The clearance process is considered to be complete once goods have successfully gone through the entry and duty determination processes.

When determining the duties of goods, be sure to use as much information as possible. As previously mentioned, the process is very detailed; the more information you have, the better. The customs clearance process in San Diego is an information driven process. If you use a customs broker, the more information your provide, the more likely the duty will be accurate. The broker relies on your information – the more precise it is, the more accurate their calculation will be. Incorrect calculations will only delay the process. Delays in getting shipments through customs will mean that your deliveries will be late to the end user. Late deliveries equal more unhappy customers!

Though customs can seem like a daunting procedure, for experienced brokers, the process is not that difficult. Brokers have experience, knowledge, and established relationships that will make customs a friendly and less demanding place. The customs clearance process in San Diego is much smoother when you use a customs broker.

Customs Clearance Process in San Diego