Customs Clearance Process in Otay

Customs clearance process in Otay can be complicated and difficult to those who have never experienced it. For companies which import goods into the United States, it is advisable to use the services of a customs broker. Brokers have experience and knowledge in all aspects of the customs process. They can make the process smooth and save you time and money. Trying to navigate the choppy waters of customs will often cause delays and prevent your goods from getting to your customers in a timely manner – and everyone knows that time is money!

The customs clearance process in Otay begins with the right to make an entry. Goods can only be brought into the United States by those with the legal authority to do so – the importer of record, the ultimate purchaser, and licensed customs brokers. There are also many different categories of entry, including consumption (the most common type), transportation, temporary, Foreign Trade Zone, mail, and informal (generally for goods under $2500).

When goods go through customs, there are a variety of different forms that may be needed – a bill of lading of a carrier’s certificate, an invoice, and an entry summary of three of the most common. The customs clearance process in Otay goes much smoother when the correct documents are filled out correctly. An experienced customs broker can make certain that all forms are filed accurately and in a timely fashion.

The next step is the duty determination process. All goods entering the United States must undergo a duty determination process, which involves the classification of goods and the appraisement of these goods. Goods are classified to determine the duty rate, and is based on the country of origin and the essential character of the goods. The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTSUS) is used to select the proper category. Once good are properly classified, the customs clearance process in Otay continues with the appraisal of the imported goods to determine the duty. There are many different methods used to appraise the goods – the transaction method, the deducted value, the computed value, and others.

These procedures must be followed carefully; failure by an importer to properly follow customs procedures can result in the denial of entry, the seizure of cargo, the forfeiture of the goods, and fines and penalties. This is why it is vital to employ the services of an experienced customs broker.

There are also occasions when an importer may disagree with a denial of entry of a certain valuation, and in these cases, there are legal avenues to contest these decisions. Petitions of relief are used when customs have engaged in a punitive action, protests are used to protest specific rulings, administrative review requests are used to ask customs to review a specific ruling or duty determination. The customs clearance process in Otay has many steps that must be followed to import goods quickly and safely into the United States.

Customs Clearance Process in Otay