Customs Clearance in San Diego

Customs clearance in San Diego can be expedited by using a licensed customs broker or freight forwarder. These individuals or companies are experienced in all matters pertaining to importation and exportation. They also are knowledgeable in the complex rules and regulations that govern international shipments and border issues. If your company currently ships products across the border, or if you are contemplating a new business that will require international shipping, is is absolutely essential that you find a customs broker to help guide you through this tangled web of codes, rules, and regulations.

A reputable broker will be knowledgeable in all areas of customs clearance in San Diego and cross-border shipments. They will understand classifications, valuations, tariffs, taxes, fees, excises, and registrations. These brokers will be able to help clients navigate the complex world of government agencies, such as the Food and Drug Administration, the Transportation Safety Administration, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Federal Communication Commission, and many others.

Most large brokers will be able to handle a diverse list of products and goods. From high value goods, such as diamonds, gems, watches, precious metals, fine art, and banknotes, to lower value items, such as electronic, furniture, personal items, and apparel, a large customs brokerage will have the knowledge, skill, and manpower to handle all your company’s needs. Some brokers may specialize in a specific category of goods; if your company only ships one type of item, then a specialized broker may be the right choice.

The basics of customs clearance in San Diego are rather straightforward. All goods imported into the United States must undergo a legal process called entry. Entry is where specific goods are deemed to be legal or illegal for entry into the country. Since the main mission of customs is to keep items out that may be harmful to Americans, laws and procedures have been set up to catch any of the illegal items. Illegal items can include the obvious, such as illegal drugs, weapons, and terrorists, to the less obvious, such as inadmissible souvenirs, agricultural products, and counterfeit items. This banned items can even include toys that have been deemed unsafe in the United States, but are still manufactured and sold in other countries.

Customs clearance in San Diego also includes the duty determination process, which is a two-step process to classify and appraise imported goods. Once the goods have been classified and appraised, the proper duty can be calculated. The duty rate is determined by many factors, including the country of origin, the tariff schedule, any special duty classifications, and any special duty assessments. A good customs broker has the knowledge and experience to help clients calculate duties so there are no surprises when goods are going through customs. Customs clearance in San Diego is considered to be complete once goods have gone through the entry and duty determination process.

Customs Clearance in San Diego