Customs Brokers in San Diego

Customs brokers in San Diego are professionals who help clear goods through customs for importing and exporting companies. They help prepare documentation, create electronic submissions, and calculate the amount of taxes, duties, and excises. They also facilitate communication between government authorities and agencies, and the companies who do cross-border business. In addition to border services, many companies may be able to arrange for local delivery with trucking companies to complete the shipping process.

Document preparation is done to notify or obtain the proper clearance from many different government agencies. These agencies include the United States Department of Agriculture, the United State Food and Drug Administration, and many others who help regulate business and protect consumers. Customs brokers in San Diego work with these agencies on a regular basis and are experienced with handling the sometime byzantine government bureaucracy that exists in the shipping industry and in border regions.

Many brokers work within specific industries such as perishable, apparel, and machinery. By specializing in specific industries, they are accustomed to dealing with certain products and know all the regulations and procedures concerning customs on these items. Because customs are complicated and the border can be a difficult area to navigate, specialization often results in increased efficiency and expedited shipments. Expedited shipments result in lower costs, more satisfied customs, and an increase in company profits. When looking for customs brokers in San Diego to handle your company’s imports and exports, it is advisable to seek out a broker that is experienced with the type of products your company produces or sells.

Any company seeking to become a broker must pass an examination by the United States Customs and Border Protection. They must also pass a comprehensive background check. Brokers working in San Diego and all border regions must be knowledgeable of the tariff schedule and all regulations and codes governing importation found in the Code of Federal Regulations. Customs brokers in San Diego should also be knowledgeable of the importing country’s marketing requirements and regulations.

A broker can be an individual, corporation, association, or partnership. They must be licensed to transact customs business. Every broker, whether an individual, association, partnership, or corporation, must have at least one licensed individual. If any company is operating as a customs brokerage without having one individual with a license for more than 120 days, the company’s broker license will be revoked.

Though this is a highly regulated and specialized business, there are over 11,000 licensed customs brokers in the United States. It is a very competitive industry which benefits any importers or exporters seeking help with their cross-border shipping. If your company is looking for customs brokers in San Diego, there are many highly qualified companies from which to select. Doing a little research on pricing, reviews, and experience will help you choose the right one for your business.

Customs Brokers in San Diego